Fluent Support Review – Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

When it comes to support, WordPress has a tiny option regarding this essential part of any business. Isn’t it a little weird that WordPress is empowering 40% of today’s website, but there’s a huge gap if you need a solution for support?

I don’t know the reason behind this chasm, but I can surely say that every business needs stellar support, especially if it’s online. In my experience, I see that people are too much dependent on SaaS-based services. One reason behind this is these popular tools serve in a way that they can help regardless of which platform you’re on. Another reason – and this is the most acceptable one – is there are not too many options available in the WordPress space.

While you can do everything inside WordPress, be it email marketing or page building, why can’t you manage support? WPManageNinja took the challenge and brought the most viable solution by building Fluent Support. A plugin that can replace whichever tool you’re using now for support. The company has a reputation for building tools that can’t be easily plausible in WordPress. FluentCRM & FluentSMTP are two big examples of that.

Who is this Fluent Support for?

Number one. This plugin is for people who have websites in WordPress and want to give robust support.

Secondly, online sellers who have an online business at some level.

Lastly, people who want to make both customers and support agents happy.

I’m also enlisting a group of people or types of organizations who might need Fluent Support for their support ticket system in WordPress.

  • Small business owners
  • Design agencies 
  • Online t-shirt sellers
  • Digital marketing agencies 
  • Clothing shops
  • Web development companies 
  • WooCommerce shops
  • Online learning platforms 

Free vs Pro

Before going any further, I’d like to explain how the free and pro versions differentiate. Fluent Support free version has a lot of benefits, no doubt about that. But, if you upgrade to pro, you can enjoy some ridiculously powerful features that can make your day.

FreePro (Everything in free +)
Multiple agents on one ticketEmail piping
Internal noteReply templates
Custom email templatesTags and segment
Fluent Forms integrationCustom fields
FluentCRM integrationSlack
Auto support portal pageTelegram
Set priorityWorkflow automation
Upload filesWooCommerce and EDD
Block usersTeam performance summary
Assign agents12 integrations

A true customer support system inside WordPress

That’s really an excellent point to mention. The online support system is totally under SAAS platforms. Even hardcore WordPress lovers have no other way except depending on those tools because WordPress has a few options. 

From that point, Fluent Support took the challenge and showed great potential. This means WordPress users now don’t have to leave their website for managing support.

Another benefit of this plugin is it can display information from other connected plugins. So yeah, this plugin can be considered the most powerful support ticket system in WordPress.

Fast and you need it

I’m sharing an experience with Awesome Support. You have to reload your page after a while to see if any new tickets arrive. And moving from one page to another takes time. 

A few technical chit-chats. Never mind!

Fluent Support followed SPA technology which is elaborated as Single Page Application. The goal of this tech is to load the entire environment once and take no time for loading other pages when clicked. Team Fluent Support implemented VueJS and REST API to make the plugin as fast as possible.

Support ticket forms can be extended with custom fields

Fluent Support also comes with a ton of custom form fields. You can collect additional data aside from basic information, like name and email address.

What do you usually need for a ticket form? Name, email, text area, and file upload. Right?

Let’s say you want to know more about your customers. To achieve that, you can customize the form and insert custom fields. In Fluent Support, you will find a set of additional fields to gather more information.

WooCommerce orders, radio choice, multi-select, and more fields can be added as you need.

Create a ticket with Fluent Forms

This is another plugin I love, and Fluent Forms is my most favorite plugin inform category. Since both tools came from the same vendor, it’s expected to be a fluent way to connect the duo.

Actually it is true. Fluent Support has integration with Fluent Forms. Now you can create a form and allow users to open a ticket with that.

If you’re already a Fluent Forms user, you know how good is this plugin. If not, get the form builder now. Not for support ticket forms, but you can truly enjoy more benefits to boost your business.

Create automation as you do with CRM

Another extraordinary feature of Fluent Support is creating an automated workflow and running it when you need it. There are thousands of use cases you can think of for automation.

Create a workflow and apply auto-tagging. Or take bulk actions, like deleting one hundred tickets at once. Want to delegate a ticket based on a condition? Ask for a review if a ticket is closed? The workflow automation feature has answers to all these questions.

Connect your favorite tool and serve your customers with extra care

Fluent Support has a list of apps in its integrations. You can see the customer’s status while replying to their tickets.

All of their relevant info like membership level, customer profile from CRM, progress in learning, purchase history can be seen right there on the single ticket window.

No need to struggle to figure out your relationship with a customer. That’s how you will set the priority and give your customers what they truly deserve.

Turn email into tickets with email piping

Allow your users to send an email and turn it into a ticket inside the support dashboard.

Sounds interesting?

Do you want to know what the heck is email piping and how does it work?

In a plain answer, a user can write you to your business email, and it will automatically create a ticket. When you reply to that ticket, it will get back to your users as an email.

Users have no chance to know the replies were maintained via the ticket system. They will get a feeling of proper email communication.

All it’s possible with this intuitive power of Fluent Support and email piping. However, you need to activate the option with a business email address from your setting.

If you’re curious to know how this function works, here’s a brief explanation for you. The whole thing is managed with Amazon AWS Lambda Serverless architecture. When a user sends an email, it will create an email address inside Amazon AWS and create a bridge between your customer’s email inbox and your support desk. 

Reporting gives you insights to better your support

It’s not possible to better your customer support until you know how your agents perform.

Your agents can see their reports — how many tickets they have closed and how long did it tacket. Similarly, as a manager, you can get a complete overview of your team’s performance. Fluent Support has visual reporting alongside some valuable details.

Besides reporting, there’s an activity log to see what’s happening with your support. Every single action will be logged on that section, although you can decide when to auto-delete the old logs.

Get instant notifications and reply on the go

This feature seriously deserves some kudos. Fluent Support has integrations with popular communication tools like Slack, Telegram, and Discord. With these apps connected, not only you’ll get instant notification, but you can also reply from there. Well, you can’t reply with Discord, but the other tools will give you that facility.

If you reply to a ticket from Slack, users will get it right away. That’s how you can earn your customers’ satisfaction with a prompt response. This is best when you’re not near your computer, especially when you’re on a ride or outside the office.

Unlimited tickets and unlimited agents

The limitation applies when you choose a support ticket solution outside WordPress. They usually charge based on the number of agents or number of tickets. Fluent Support is a self-hosted solution, meaning it will use space from your hosting. It will not apply any restrictions no matter how many people are involved in your support system.

On top of that, you can create unlimited business inboxes with Fluent Support.

Respond faster with ready reply templates

Templates are useful in terms of saving time and quick response. For instance, you want to let your customers know that you’re looking into the matter. Or, you’re closing a ticket and want to say something casual.

In those situations, a template can save you from scratching your head. Ready templates don’t mean you will always give those responses to every ticket. They are for giving you heads-up, where you can take a template and edit with your current needs.

Organize your tickets with tags and segment

To add tags and segments, you need to use a CRM tool like FluentCRM. Also, these are pro features, meaning you have to buy the premium version.

If you’re new to this, tags and segments are really helpful to learn about the customer journey. You can assign tags as you wish, and you can onboard your customers with more insights.

All your tickets in one place to have a quick look

What makes the support tool a complete tool? Tickets, right? Let’s have a look at the Tickets window now. Inside tickets, you can see three different tabs for your tickets:

  1. All tickets
  2. My tickets
  3. Unassigned

There’s an inundation in filtering so that you can find what you’re looking for.

First, you can decide how you want to organize your tickets – based on past customer’s response, ticket ID, priority, or many more options.

If you want to see tickets based on status, you can choose from Open, Active, New, Closed, or All. I’m not going through all the filters because there are really too many. The least I can say, you can find out the right ticket via one of these filters.

You can even create a ticket on behalf of your customers where you can describe the problem along with setting the priority.

From My Tickets, an agent can see the tickets assigned for them. And all the tickets that are yet to be assigned will be found under Unassigned.

Reply to a ticket option is easier than you think

Click on a ticket and you’ll see four icons to work with. The first one will allow you to write a reply with a beautiful WYSIWYG editor. Alternatively, you can use ready templates to reply more quickly.

To support your reply, you can include additional documents such as images, PDF, or ZIP files. However, after finishing with your response, use two available buttons: Add Reply or Reply and Close.

Add internal notes for future reference

This is a great feature when you want to keep a note for your fellow support agents. You can even write a note to yourself to point a thing that might be helpful in the future.

Here’s a sample use case for you. You encountered a bizarre issue and want to notify other agents. On the next working shift, your fellow support staff can get a quick overview of the situation.

Or, think about this. You resolved a ticket with an unconventional method. For future reference, you want to keep a note so that you don’t get lost in the dilemma again.

For the above reasons and a hundred others, the internal note will help you to collaborate with your team when you’re away.

Just click the icon next to the Reply icon on top of every ticket. You can also use reply templates or add a file just like the ticket.

Bottom line

There you have all the details of Fluent Support, which is the best WordPress support ticket plugin, in my view. Now take an action and grab it for your business. Trust me, it will save you time and money. At the same time, you can focus on other area where you can think about your growth and future plan.

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