WordPress Forum Plugins for Discussion Board and Question Answers

WordPress Forum Plugins

If there’s one thing we crave as WordPress experts, it’s maximum user-engagement! Having a community section on your website leads to a boost in engagement by encouraging participation. That’s where WordPress forum plugins come to action. The forums can build a community where people ask questions, suggest solutions, or share new ideas.

Online communication through forums is a traditional technique. However, it’s still the cool guy in the WordPress neighborhood! Your forum can be a discussion board, a question-answer platform, knowledge and idea-sharing zone, etc.

Don’t fret if you haven’t caught up yet. In this article, we’ll illustrate some of the top WordPress plugins for forums. So, sit tight for the ride!

Best WordPress forum plugins

Getting your audience to participate on your website actively must be stressful. Especially for a beginner. Don’t worry because we got your back!

Here we have a few WordPress forum plugins that are currently on an upward trajectory.

  • Forum
  • ForumEngine
  • bbPress
  • DW Question Answer
  • wpForo
  • BuddyPress
  • Discussion Board


It’s one of a kind “Modern Discussion Forum for WordPress” and foolproof. Formerly known as the WP Pro Forum system, this plugin works on the frontend. But admins can also manage all forums from the other end.

WordPress Forum Plugins

It’s simultaneously premium, minimalist, and perfectly in sync with all user levels. Think of it as a helpdesk because it comes with solutions, and you can control who can see the content.

WordPress Forum Plugins

Key features

Among a truckload of powerful features, here are some unmissable ones.

  • Simple and modern design.
  • Various topics, replies, comments, and templates.
  • Drag & drop upload option.
  • Role manager for forum moderators.
  • Fully customizable, responsive, and integrates with every WordPress forum theme.
  • Profanity filter.
  • Upvotes-downvotes, custom signature, and @mention feature.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Text-editor.
  • Predefined templates for replies.
  • User badge and reputation system.

This plugin has a vast set of features and completely flexible to use. For more details, go to Forym and see if you missed anything.


It’s a rare combination of creative design and productive facilities. Design, customize, and control all with a single software. When you’re looking for the right WordPress discussion plugin, you can choose this one without any question.

WordPress Discussion Plugin

With this tool on your site, you never have to worry about people leaving the community. The appealing layout and features intrigue people to stick around. It helps with maximum social interaction and stays on-trend.

Key features

Here’s a shortlist of core features that stand out.

  • The topic can be a question or opinion. Similarly, users can add images or links.
  • User-badge and live notification.
  • Adaptive and responsive.
  • Widgets to add statistics or categories.
  • Advertise display for more revenue.
  • Multiple styling options. For example, colors, fonts, and layouts.
  • SEO optimization and WPML support.

ForumEngine is a complete package with a forum theme so that you don’t need any other plugin. Give it a go!


Streamline and grow your discussion board with this simple forum tool. The multi-use functionalities and time-saving features help you gain more engagement. Since it’s built by WordPress contributors, it has the same coding standard.

bbPress for support, forum, and discussion board

You can scale the wall to your success because of this jam packed forum tool. Install it with one-click and enjoy the intuitive UI.

Key features

Jot down the core takeaways.

  • Integrate effortlessly with WordPress themes.
  • Create and maintain multisite forums.
  • It’s intentionally kept simple. As a result, it attracts users to build community easily.
  • Lightweight and swift.
  • Over 200 extensions.

It’s a widely-popular and free open source software for unlimited use. bbPress handles all the forum requirements like a pro!

DW Question & Answer

It pretty much lives up to its name and, at the same time, offers a lot more! Pop it in for a lightweight and influencing forum experience.

WordPress Forum Plugins - DW Question Answer

Regardless of your user level (beginner or expert), you can use this tool to put up an interactive community based on a discussion or knowledge portal. It’s faster than most and has trouble-free usage.

Key features

Racing with Quora or Stack Overflow, this tool comes crammed with features.

  • A full-fledged question-answer platform (Private or public).
  • Votes and best answer.
  • Email notification.
  • Search with keywords.
  • 11+ language support.
  • reCAPTCHA to block spams.
  • Shortcode and sticky questions.

Use DW Question & Answer for a community-driven Q&A discussion forum.


If you’re looking for a simple yet community-friendly forum plugin, this one can be your target. The modern and responsive layouts push it to become your go-to platform for a forum solution.

WordPress Forum Plugins

A light and successful medium like this one is hard to leave out. You can create an efficient coterie and keep everything professional.

Key features

We picked the best ones from the stacks.

  • 3 design layouts. For instance- Extended, Simplified, and Q&A.
  • Drag and Drop management.
  • Multiple styling and customizing options.
  • Social network buttons.
  • Member profile, rating, and badge.
  • Mobile and SEO-friendly.

Create forums where users can participate, seek support, and contribute. After adding wpForo Forum, you won’t have to look back anymore!


You can stop your search for a sophisticated platform if you get BuddyPress. It lets you create a distinct social network and build a WordPress user-community. 

WordPress Forum Plugins

Like bbPress, it’s built by WordPress contributors too. Join them both for a high-profile online forum.

Key features

Among the extensive list of features, here are some you can’t ignore.

  • Create an online social community with profiles, activities, groups, messaging, and networking options.
  • “Add friend” private message, and group features just like Facebook.
  • Easy integration with WordPress themes and plugins.
  • API compatible.

 BuddyPress is free and open-source and follows similar coding like WordPress. The typical social network components are lucrative for the audience too.

Discussion Board 

This one concludes our curation, just like icing on top! It’s a free forum plugin and easy-to-use. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to use it.

WordPress Forum Plugin

A light and well-coded forum tool with remarkable features are all you need to get going. So, this one deserves a place on our list.

Key features

This plugin helps you build a forum in the easiest way. Here are some features-

  • Boards for sub-forum.
  • Create a message board or question-answer support forum.
  • Front-end registration and login.
  • User management and specifying role.
  • Mobile and SEO-friendly.
  • Styles and shortcodes.
  • Spam-block.

Whether you use the free version or pro, the features are top of the line! Discussion Board is intuitive, simple, and feature-rich for all users.

Wrapping up

Want an engaging discussion forum to your site? Use the best WordPress forum plugins to ensure a professional appearance while maintaining a community.

We have illustrated seven forum software that are easy, time-saving, and stacked with features! Use any from this collection and notice the change. Hopefully, you can get the best out of social interaction and build an active online user-circle.

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