5 WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for Tracking Orders

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

When you run online-based orders, you have to consider many facts which are unlikely with regular business. Shipping is one of these critical matters, and your growth and reputation depend on it big time. There are many aspects connected to shipping, like order tracking, shipping charge calculation, no shipping fee, and a lot more. With WooCommerce shipping plugins, you can get everything in line with your needs.

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WooCommerce shipping plugins

In this list, I have amassed all the WooCommerce shipping plugins, which can help you arrange a high-quality shipping system. Read and decide which ones you need for your shop.

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping is one of the most powerful WordPress shipping plugins. Admins can set up conditions at their will. Offering the right price at the checkout, you can enjoy more freedom in a WooCommerce-friendly environment. Advanced shipping methods offered by this plugin will play an extensive rule in boosting your customer experience. Multiple group-based sections will expand when you enable them to fix prices for different shipping zones, pricing models, and descriptive information.

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

Highlighted features

  • Conditions and group pricing
  • Set rules for order, single products, and shipping class
  • Compatible with WooCommerce shipping zones
  • Various conditions for quantity, volume, weight, product, category
  • Multiple conditions for each table row
  • Different cost options available
  • You can create multiple combinations with costs
  • Change table rows with drag & Drop facility
  • Disable shipping taxes allowed
  • Dimensional weight calculations
  • Base subtotal conditions with tax and coupons
  • Description text for detailed shipping information
  • Default method selection

WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

Many options are available with WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping to make the shipping system more efficient. This shipping plugin allows you to set multiple shipping rates based on the products added to a cart. And three different calculation methods will be helpful to determine the cost. How many items in the cart, what’s their weight, and what’s the subtotal price – these are the options while computing. On top of that, you can add a new shipping method to your WooCommerce. Operating this plugin is also convenient with its simple layout and uncomplicated settings.

WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping Plugins

Highlighted Features

  • Easy setting, simple layout
  • Different calculation methods
  • Ship by order amount total
  • Works fantastic with WooCommerce shipping zones
  • Set requirements to fulfill by customers
  • Calculation for price and tax/non-tax
  • Rates on total weights or number of items
  • Minimum or maximum shipping price
  • Considering the subtotal with or without coupons
  • Fixed shipping rate if you want
  • Set a percentage based on the subtotal
  • Add free shipping items with special classes
  • WPML compatible

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

A superb WordPress shipping plugin for tracking the products and estimating the delivery dates. WooCommerce Shipping Tracking allows you to associate multiple shipping companies for order tracking. Your customers, on the other hand, can track their orders whenever they want. After assigning the shipping company, you will get a tracking number. At the same time, your clients will receive a notification email alongside the order details page. The link attached to their email will let them see the shipping status.

Highlighted Features

  • 40+ shipping companies 
  • Custom shipping companies
  • Multiple tracking codes
  • Custom text on shipping details
  • Different shipping companies under one order
  • Customize the HTML snippet for emails and order details page
  • Embed tracking info for all outgoing emails
  • Auto-calculating estimated shipping dates
  • Delivery time estimation
  • Import order tracking info
  • Allow customers to indicate the delivery time range

WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping is a brilliant tool for introducing a word-class shipping method which calculates the shipping cost based on cart weight. Besides, you can add multiple rules for many conditions: various countries and subtotal ranges. This plugin will allow you to enjoy different pricing options, including fixed rate, progressive rate, or combined. By applying shipping classes, you can override the current pricing, and set a new one. If you need a different way to calculate the cost, you can use the weight step, which counts the cart weight over the real weight. Sometimes you may want to apply flat rate shipping, and you can easily configure that with this plugin. If you want to offer free shipping, but in some conditions, you can achieve that comfortably. Based on the subtotal, total weight, or any other condition, you can make it happen.

Highlighted features

  • Shipping method based on cart weight
  • Multiple shipping rules
  • Table rate shipping
  • Flexible pricing option
  • Shipping classes to override existing cost
  • Calculate cart weight over real weight
  • Easily applicable flat rate shipping
  • Conditional free shipping
  • Progressive rate
  • Minimum subtotal

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

This is a free inclusion in WooCommerce shipping plugins. It’s easy to use, comfortable to set up and provides all the essential features you need. To maintain an automated shipping flow, AST will help you with its top-grade features. Not only that, but you can also deliver an excellent customer experience and manage your store efficiently. Shop admins can add tracking information with Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce. To do that, there’s a CSV file importer, and Shipment Tracking Rest API endpoint. Moreover, you can choose your shipping providers from the list of 250+ carriers. You can customize the tracking information message both on the order emails and customer accounts.

The Tracking Per Item Add-on is a premium option that allows you to assign specific tracking numbers for individual orders. You can attach the tracking code to various quantities of the same items. 

Highlighted features

  • Easily add shipment tracking information to orders
  • Import tracking info via CSV file
  • Full support for REST API Shipment Tracking Endpoint
  • Custom order statuses as delivered, partially shipped, and more
  • 250+ shipping providers with a predefined tracking link
  • Customize the tracking info display
  • Available premium addons
  • Compatible with many shipping, invoice, and email plugins

Wrapping up

Your online store is not for one day. When you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers, you have to look into your delivery. The better your shipment, the more your reputation will be. WooCommerce shipping plugins have come up with brilliant solutions for everything you need to manage product shipping. I hope you find the best WordPress plugins for your WooCommerce shipping.

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