Best WordPress Review Plugins to Gain Trust

WordPress Review Plugins

It simply helps get more conversion of a product when people say positive things about it. Gaining trust form a lot of people is easy because it starts with one. Then the words begin spreading throughout others.

However, when you’re selling services from your website, people want to see how others react to it. The more positive rating a product will have, the more sales you can expect. Here come WordPress review plugins.

Using a WordPress plugin that allows customers to express their opinions is a smart decision for your business. The growth is not a one-night matter. You have to take care of every tiny little bit, and nothing should be untouched.

How reviews can benefit your business

Every business has the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of reviews. Again, there might be some sort of variance based on the business type. For instance, a leather store might need to display reviews under every single product. On the other hand, if you sell only one service or product, it might be more appropriate to show the reviews from an external site such as or Facebook page.

Having said that, all online ventures will get a bunch of usefulness. Let’s learn what they could be:

Gaining trust: When someone says good things about something, we tend to believe him, or it creates a positive impact on our mind. Human psychology works like that. Products with tons of good ratings will get more traction than the products with more negative votes or no ratings at all.

Customers read reviews: Yes, before buying something online, customers would like to learn about it from the early users. Think about the reviews as free advertising because old customers help you get new customers with all the good words.

Help grow business: Not only customers will always talk about the bright side of your product. They point out often the cons as well. Eventually, you can take the proper initiatives to make the product better. If you can fix those shortfalls, people will love you even more.

Social proof: In today’s world, this is very important. Often we make decisions based on what our friends share on social media. When all are talking about something, it becomes a trend, and it’s tough for us to stay away from what’s going hot right now.

Reviews help SEO: If you can update your data with schema, then Google will show your product pages with rich snippets. And there, people can see how much reviews or ratings a product has. Moreover, reviews help increase overall word count, which is another plus point for SEO improvement.

Features a perfect WordPress review plugin must have

Let’s check out what to look for when you’re searching for a WordPress rating plugin. Functionalities vary based on the plugins, but there are some things you’ll find common across all the tools.

  • Allow customer to write reviews on your site through a form, and then you’ll revise and publish
  • Displaying the reviews in various designs but they will follow a pattern which makes them look like reviews
  • Customers also can rate a product/service with stars or thumbs (like/dislike)
  • Options for file attachment to include screenshots, images or videos with the reviews
  • Filtering options to see all the positive reviews or good reviews based on some criteria
  • You need a well-organized dashboard to keep control of the reviews so that they appear in a helpful manner
  • Customizing fields in the review writing area will allow users to add links and separate pros and cons in two different parts
  • Shortcodes, widgets, there are multiple ways to exhibit the reviews on your website
  • A convenient way to aggregate reviews made on Google and other places like Yelp and more

Best WordPress review plugins

Now you know why customer reviews are essential for your business and what are the well-known attributes of customer review plugin. Let’s dive into the best WordPress review plugins.

  • Starfish Reviews
  • Taqyeem
  • WP Product Review
  • WP Review
  • Reviewer

Starfish Reviews

Plugins for user review

More 5-star ratings encourage new customers to buy the product. Besides increasing sales, a perfect review plugin like Starfish Review also builds trust. Once you can convince your users with positivity, they will come back and spread the words (which is a bonus for you, right?). Built upon the latest technology, this is one of my favorite tools to compile customer’s thoughts.

Customer satisfaction is vital for any business. For local service providers, customers might leave their feedback on Facebook or Yelp. With Starfish Reviews, you can pull those great comments and show them on your website. Therefore, use this rating plugin for local businesses, restaurants, retail stores, online shops, and review websites.

A long list of powerful features will benefit you all the way possible. Delete and edit submitted feedback might give you more freedom. There’s an overall rating that explains how you’re doing based on all the scores. I’m happy to say that that’s not the end. Analytics is another practical feature that generates charts by calculating the ratings people gave you so far.

Let’s check the reasons for being this plugin so popular

  • Customize everything inside the ever-familiar interface of WordPress. That illustrates you have full control over the funnel.
  • You can show the output of a campaign to your customers using the simple analytics.
  • Save your money with the customer-friendly pricing because it won’t charge you anything near to SAAS.
  • Custom destination buttons will let you select the right background color and icon either for one destination or multiple places if you choose more. Meaning, you can match the color with Facebook and Google.
  • Show reviews from an outside location like Facebook to grow your audience and share the vibe from one place to another.
  • Attach the logo or other images at the top of the reviews to influence users to remember your brand.
  • One funnel may have multiple destinations, and you can allow your users to choose from a list of options: Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor and Amazon.
  • Add all the words as you love for the funnel. From CTA to language, you can change everything to make it more personalized.


Meet Reviewer, a creative and engaging WordPress review plugin. Now you can show reviews on various places on your website: posts, pages, and custom post types. Besides displaying user-generated reviews, the creation of a comparison table is another fantastic feature. Many bloggers prefer to summarize the whole point in the small box at the end of their posts. You can make that happen with the Reviewer.

WordPress Review Plugins

Since it’s a review plugin, you can invite your users to express their opinion and show them to others. Using this plugin is simple and straightforward. Anyone, with minimum technical knowledge, can use this product by creating a template and insert data regarding the product. Similarly, users can tell what they want, via the box you will provide in your posts or pages.

Can you imagine how painful it would be if a review plugin is so static that it can’t be modified according to your needs? Take the liberty and personalize the review system in precisely the way it could match with your business. Apply beautiful themes along with review boxes and comparison tables. Users can upload images with their reviews, and you can share what they expressed.

Now, why should you try WordPress review plugins?

  • Design beautiful review boxes and comparison tables painlessly. It’s easy to insert all the necessary information and then display them with the shortcode.
  • The Reviewer plugin helps you customize lucrative themes. You can change colors, fonts, and everything else of a theme to give it the perfect shape.
  • Choose between stars and bars to show user’s ratings.
  • User reviews may come with various rating modes, visitor’s information, images, Google reCAPTCHA and more.
  • You can also use schema to secure a place in Google Rich Snippets.
  • Moreover, administrators have the power to moderate all the reviews so that it may not harm your business
  • Users can upload product images during their reviews to explain something better.
  • Get notified via emails when someone posted a new review
  • Customize themes, colors, labels in a painless way
  • Move your existing reviews to Reviewer with the migration tool
  • Multiple widgets are available for review boxes and user reviews where you can show top-rated reviews and latest reviews


Not finding the right WordPress review plugin? Taqyeem will assist you in resolving all issues regarding product reviews. This tool was made to craft product reviews in a relaxed and sophisticated manner. Thousands of users’ appreciation proved that they’re thriving on their goal. You can deploy reviews and rating systems to any post or page you like.

The perfect rating system depicts your overall design. Taqyeem allows you to change everything until you made it right for your site. It means you can customize fonts, images, and all necessary elements beyond border and color. Especially, the typography and 500+ Google Fonts are something unusual that’s not available with every plugin.

WordPress plugins for review

At some point, you need a professional tool that costs what it gives, and you want to go big. If you’re experiencing this stage with your business, get the plugin, and display cutting-edge product reviews. Out of the ordinary, Taqyeem also comes with RTL support and schema data. Multiple review styles and localization mean you can go beyond the limit.

Why is this one of the best WordPress review plugins?

  • It allows displaying reviews on multiple places that include pages and custom post types.
  • Hundreds of web fonts from Google will let you create the perfect personalization around your design.
  • Unlimited colors, as well as unlimited reviews, are two rarest options this plugin has that help you match your brand.
  • When customers find you from search engines, they will see your products on Google Rich Snippets because Taqyeem has special Schema settings.
  • Besides stars and points, your customer can give ratings with percentages as well.
  • Lastly, Taqyeem has options for typography, localization, RTL, and a lot more for establishing a healthy review system.

WP Product Review

If you are looking for an uncomplicated and efficient easy review maker, then here it is. Make your product reviews more customer-focused and earn sales through recommendations. WP Product Review, with steam of superb features, can help you turn your everyday posts into engaging reviews. Add user’s reviews, shortcodes, and custom icons to make the reviews stand aside.

WordPress review plugins

On a similar note, you can use comparison tables to give customers more options to choose from. Quick Amazon integration, rich snippets, affiliate buttons – there are tons of features to help you make money comfortably. While shortcodes allow you to position the reviews, you can customize color and everything of a table.

Building one review means you can use it multiple times on different pages. No need to spend time on the same product repeatedly. Import the one you have built earlier. Create sidebar widgets for placing the featured products to get more clicks from visitors. Not only that, but users can also rate separate features of a product based on segmentation.

Why this WordPress review plugin is worth it to try

  • Review option is open for every person to come to visit your website.
  • Bring all your old reviews using the import tool and attach them to the new site.
  • You can import some information (image and product name) for Amazon products if you run a website on Amazon affiliate.
  • Generating automatic comparison tables is another yet gorgeous feature of this plugin. These tables come based on the reviews made by customers.
  • You can place the reviews anywhere you want on your site. Besides, you can keep the best ones above the fold so the users might notice them.
  • Custom rating icons to show your brand identity instead of the cliche stars.
  • This plugin has a system to breakdown the reviews based on product features, such as color, structure, flexibility, etc.
  • Several layouts, meaning you can switch between your favorite ones and select the one which matches your design.

WP Review Pro

Getting on search results with product reviews is not easy. It requires technical effort, which is an overwhelming task for many marketers. WP Review can be an easy solution because it provides you with all the things ready-to-cook. Use the setting to organize product reviews that can bring you user satisfaction.

People can’t ignore other’s opinions; it’s basic psychology. Why don’t you turn your posts into great reviews that help users to understand your product thoroughly? So, what’s your product? I’m asking this question because there are no constraints to discuss any type of product. Be it books, soaps, shirts, or tools – WP Review has 14 different types of snippets.

WordPress product review plugins

Surprisingly enough, this plugin knows all your demands. You don’t need to struggle for brand matching while creating product reviews. From color to other elements, there’s a setting to cover all from the control panel. One more question. What do you prefer to show the rating? Stars, thumbs, circles, points – choose your favorite style for different products.

Why WP Review’s worth your investment

  • It offers 19 various rich snippets so you can select the perfect one for your business.
  • WP Review is compatible with all WordPress themes. So, you have nothing to worry about which theme you’re using and if it will sync or not. Just install the plugin and boom!
  • From 16 pre-built templates, you can choose anyone, and customize its colors and other settings.
  • Google reviews are trusted parameters among users as anyone can review without any obstacle. You can add those reviews with this plugin.
  • Different rating systems work for different products. WP Review has multiple options, including start, thumbs up, circle, and percentage.
  • People love comparison as it’s a great way to get a quick overview of several products. Using WP Review, you can create comparison tables to display features from multiple products and help users to make the right decision.
  • Now you can show ratings on the user’s comments. People can write a review by expressing their rating on various features. What’s more, one user can rate other’s reviews.


All of the WordPress review plugins discussed in this post are top-notch because I have picked only the best ones. The ones people used, loved, and got benefitted from. Why don’t you choose one rating plugin and apply it to your project to introduce more user’s interaction?

Customers’ views are the down-to-earth commentary on a product. If you talk big about your products, it adds a little value. When users expressed their feelings after using your product, it’s the most honest opinion people will believe. That’s the success of a powerful WordPress rating plugin lies.

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