Free WordPress Payment Plugins to Get Paid Easily

If you sell high-end products on your website, you also need to ensure a robust payment gateway for a better and painless experience for users. The online payment system has never been easier thanks to free WordPress payment plugins. Having one of these plugins integrated into your website can solve the problem of keeping a modern, secure payment option. The more easily users can complete the payment, the more conversion you can expect.

When selecting a WordPress plugin for creating a payment system, look out the following criteria to get the best out of the tool.

  • Documentation: No matter how complicated a tool is if the documentation states everything clearly then it will create a better user experience
  • Difficulty level: See whether the plugin is developer-friendly or user-focused. If it doesn’t require any coding knowledge, well, choose it in a blindfolded way.
  • Features in the free version: As you’re seeking for the free option right now, so we suggest you examine the options available with the free version only. 
  • Expandable: After using some days, you may need to upgrade the tool to a pro version as it appears the premium versions consists of better functionalities. Learn the tool before selection and make sure it has the way to ride to the next level.

Why Do You Need a Payment Plugin?

First thing’s first. Why it’s essential to incorporate a payment plugin on your website? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: when you will sell something online, there must be a way to get paid by the buyers. If you install and activate one of the free WordPress payment plugins mentioned in this list, you can accept payments smoothly. Although you require to get connected with a payment gateway, a payment plugin will help you achieve your profit goal.

Free WordPress Payment Plugins

In this handpicked list, we have only garnered high-quality free WordPress payment plugins. No matter where your payments are coming from, these tools will help you set up a smoother way of getting paid. Keep in mind that all of these plugins are based on Stripe, the famous payment processor, so you’re on the right track.


Free WordPress Payment Plugins

Without adding WPPayForm to any list about the WordPress payment system, the list would be incomplete. Why do we make such an audacious statement? It’s because of the unyielding and stupendous quality this plugin offers. You have to go through several tools to get all the features this single tool presents within it. Based on the Stripe payment service, the free version of WPPayForm will enable you to attach a safe and swift payment gateway. It has a drag and drop option to create a quick form, not to mention that there’s a bunch of ready-to-deploy form templates. You can add PayPal and many other exciting features from the premium version. Pre-built forms, ready input fields, tax calculator, and a lot more other options are available if you go for the paid option.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Free WordPress Payment Plugins

You can accept credit card payments with the Stripe payment service. This WordPress plugin will give you an easy option for paying with credit cards so that users can accomplish their purchases in an uncomplicated way. For transaction review, there’s an overview page where you can also take other payment actions. Email receipt, save cards for future, multi-language support, and WooCommerce compatibility, every individual option is for making your business faster and smoother. Want to set limitations for your preferred cards? You can do that, as well. In the world of free WordPress payment plugins, this tool is a rockstar.

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on

Free WordPress Payment Plugins

From its name, you can understand that this is an add-on based on the famous plugin Contact Form 7. If you’re already a user of CF7, then you have to download the add-on and start enjoying its benefits. Otherwise, download both and begin using the duo as a combo. This add-on is genuinely a time-saver and compatible with both the old and the new versions. Although the free version has too many limitations, you can depend on it to process the payment swiftly. Unlike WPPayForm, the pro version of PayPal & Stripe Add-on comes with more benefits compared to the free option.

Direct Stripe

Free WordPress Payment Plugins

Direct Stripe is another awe-inspiring, well-equipped, and feature-focused free WordPress payment plugin. Engaging checkout buttons, on-site payment, email recognization for logged-in users, and more superb features are available. Personalize the button looks, set GDPR checkbox, set up an email for the automated response – do what else you need with your checkout forms. Keeping an option to ask the billing address is available there, too, in case you may require it for further necessities. From wp.org, get the Direct Stripe free and attach it to your eCommerce website. 

WP Simple Pay

Free WordPress Payment Plugins

When it comes to the most integrated payment solution, WP Simple Pay can be chosen as the list-topper. With a heap of features, you can think about exceeding your limits when you applied WP Simple Pay to your website. The free version holds a bunch of well-crafted options while the pro version carries the solid gems. However, the lite version comes with a mobile-ready checkout overlay, optional collection of customers’ addresses, multi-language, and multi-countries support. If you’re not ready to buy the pro version yet, have the free option a go. Initially, it will cover up what you require. 

Closing remarks

We hope you have found these free WordPress payment plugins as helpful as you were looking for it. Pick the right plugin and install it to your site to start getting paid by your customers. Moving forward, if you feel more features are required, then go for the pro version of WPPayForm. You’ll be amazed by seeing the features it holds to turn your business into a rock-n-roll position. All the plugins mentioned above have similarities in some points and vary from each other in some aspects. Take any one of them and start coping yourself with the system, and then you can look out for more.

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