How to Hit More Conversions with Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

What thwarts you from being successful with Amazon affiliate? Are you struggling with managing your time and effort? This article will show you some of the extremely powerful Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins that will make your affiliate journey extraordinary.

Affiliate marketing has become a phenomenal way of making side hustle. And, Amazon tops the industry because of its easy sign-up process, monumental brand reputation, and apposite choice for newbies. However, to knock out the competition, you require smart tools by your side.

If you’re running out of time pick the right one from the table below:

PluginsPriceHow to Get
AzonPress$39Get AzonPress
EasyAzonfreeGet EasyAzon
Amazon LinkfreeGet Amazon Link

What you need to know before getting started

If you’re already a member of Amazon Associates, you know all the ins and outs. In case you’re a beginner, there are many things to learn before choosing the right Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. That includes how to get started with Amazon Associates, Amazon’s advertising rates, website creation and promotion, and many more.

However, if you’re planning to join the Amazon affiliates for your side hustle or ditching your current job, do some study first. The internet is overloaded with information, free resources, paid courses, video tutorials, and case studies. The plugins listed in this post are supporting tools to maintain the Amazon affiliates conveniently and efficiently.

Here’s a tutorial for beginners from Project Life Mastery

How these plugins work? They use the API provided by Amazon Advertising and collect information from there. Alternatively, you had to visit the Associate dashboard every time you wanted a product link. These plugins do that job for you by bridging the information between you and Amazon. Without visiting your Associate account, you can gait all the data staying on your dashboard.

Remember, to use any of these plugins you must have beforehand:

  1. An Amazon Affiliate Account
  2. Amazon Product Advertising API keys
  3. A WordPress website ready for affiliation

If you have everything mentioned above, then you’re more than welcome. Conversely, if you didn’t sign up for Amazon Associates, you can read the post to collect information. In that case, please note down which plugin can give you more benefits, and install it later when you started with your site.

Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins

Here’s the list of all Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, both free and paid. There are some other plugins that I cared not to mention because they’re not that powerful. You can pick one of the plugins listed below, and your business will see the profits.


If you are looking for a plugin that will automatically update the affiliate links with price, offers, and other information, AAWP is right there for you. It works to grow your affiliates’ actual value and chop away the banal parts to keep your plate clean.

Integrating AAWP with your projects, you’re going to set several amazing metrics to enjoy a new level of Amazon affiliate marketing. AAWP will automatically update data from Amazon, so you don’t need to worry about the information changes.

Read my full review on AAWP – the most prolific affiliate plugin for Amazon

Ready-to-deploy templates are another brilliant feature of this WordPress affiliate plugin. Besides that, you can select different styles or customize your own from the user-friendly dashboard. Not to mention that all the content – tables and lists – will look awesome across all devices.

On top of the comparison tables and bestseller lists, you can also create lists for new releases to attract more customers. AAWP also offers sidebar widgets to display your chosen products next to your blog posts. You can show particular information like price anywhere on your website via data fields.

AAWP is also AMP-supported, which means your site will act brilliantly in mobile versions. For developers, this WordPress plugin presents several exciting options: special functions, PHP templating, and webhooks. Forgot to mention that this plugin has amazing shortcode possibilities for reusing things wherever you like inside your site.

Highlighted features

  • Bestseller lists for selective products
  • Connect across different regions with geotargeting
  • A fantastic table builder
  • Automated link generation with your tracking ID
  • Readymade templates with boxes, tables, and lists
  • Comparison tables for more explicit scenario
  • Sorting and filtering with the product title, price, etc.
  • Earn extra commission with Amazon Prime
  • Automated information updates


From €39 to €299, AAWP has four pricing options with slight changes in features. Such as the basic package doesn’t allow multisite usage, but all other plans do. And, you can use 1 domain to a maximum of 25 domains with all these packages.


With its remarkable features, user-friendly interface, and cordial support, AzonPress stands out from all the plugins in the identical category. It brings so many compelling options that every user can be benefitted from their Amazon affiliate journey.

Creating links for your niche-based products is the most excruciating task with any affiliate platform. Especially when you’re working with Amazon, the process is time-killing. AzonPress will allow you to do that job flawlessly, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Not only it generates shortcodes that can be used multiple times, but it supports geotargeting, as well.

To create product tables, all you have to do is search and select your products. You can do that from the plugin’s dashboard without visiting your Amazon Associate’s admin panel. The comparison tables could also be beneficial to target people who want to compare different products before making the buying decision.

AzonPress has a compelling solution for product presentation. You can customize the layouts from the grid, table, list, and more – the way you want! For countless affiliation and conversion-optimized content, you can try this Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin.

Highlighted features

  • 2-minute installation in quick steps
  • Create product tables in a ‘search-and-select’ style
  • Responsive product comparison tables
  • Superb dashboard for performance reporting
  • Geotargeting available
  • User-first interface for no-coding experience
  • Layouts for grid, box, list, table, widgets
  • Shortcode for copy and paste
  • Automatic link tracking


Currently, AzonPress has three pricing plans for annual packages: $39/1-domain $79/20-domain $159/unlimited domains. The lifetime plans will cost you $149-$349 with the same features included in the annual offers.


In terms of time-saving and helping you earn more commissions from Amazon affiliate, EasyAzon can be a good friend to you. It offers terrific facilities for marketers who want to outshine their strategy. Moreover, their support has also received high praise from the users.

People often skip adding a link to their site because it’s a lengthy and tedious process. When you have a tool like EasyAzon, you can quickly include any link you want because it takes only a few seconds. Thus, you can earn more money by displaying more affiliate links before the visitors.

EasyAzon doesn’t provide a tool for affiliate management only. They provide tailored content for Amazon affiliate training. Beginners will be able to learn how to craft a profitable Amazon Affiliate site. In addition, tips and tricks for increasing commissions, backlinking techniques, keyword research, and other topics are also covered in the materials.

They also have a premium option with two plans of $47 and $67. More link types will be unlocked in the pro version, such as image affiliate links, product information box, and buy now button. Product popup, add to cart, automatic link cloaking and link localization may come handy for your affiliate success.

Highlighted features

  • Create links inside post editor in WordPress dashboard
  • Add text link directly without visiting Amazon’s site
  • It supports all Amazon networks, including USA, Canada, China, Germany
  • The setup is simple and user-friendly
  • Toggled option for text links to open in a new tab
  • Apply nofollow attribution if you want
  • Settings available for the global and individual link

Amazon Link

If you’re looking for a free option, Amazon Link might be a good choice for your purpose. This plugin will let you add multiple types of links based on your requirements. Not only that, but visitors might also come from different regions, and Amazon Link will redirect them to their local stores.

Depending on the reader’s nationality, the affiliate links will get automatically refreshed and take the users to the appropriate Amazon network. Also, the plugin contains a search tool to find out the products instantly. Besides that, there are shortcodes for creating product links and localization for territory specifications.   

Caution: Although it was a useful plugin, I am not sure about their recent activity. They didn’t update the product for one year, and it wasn’t tested with three major releases of WordPress. You can install it and check out how does it line up with your purpose.

Highlighted features

  • Localization will be helpful to target international customers
  • Create links with the search tool for posts and pages
  • Template option for generating quick content
  • Shortcodes will assist you to generate links from Amazon
  • Utilize the multilingual popup to let users choose their preferred Amazon
  • Caching will store product information that helps the faster page load
  • WordPress filters to expand the functions of the plugin
  • Update link behaviors with Global option
  • Channels for readers to identify affiliate tracking ID
  • Available templates for Amazon widgets

Amazon Auto Links

From the title, it’s almost clear what this WordPress plugin does. It works on the affiliate links so that you don’t have to search manually and insert it into your posts. Moreover, if a product changes its information, the link will update automatically.

All you have to do is select a category, and all the links associated with it will appear. And, links come with your tracking ID included. No matter where your users are coming from, this plugin supports 14 local Amazon networks.

Even on the JavaScript disabled browser, the plugin works just fine while allowing ads on the ad widgets and shortcode-based content display. Besides category, if you want to get a specific product, you can search for that too. 

You can apply your development knowledge to design your own template with the combination of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Users of Amazon Associate Link Builder can easily switch to this plugin just by enabling the option without editing hundreds of links.

Highlighted features

  • Exhibit affiliate links with minimal effort
  • Create your own template if you’re a developer
  • Supports Amazon Locales
  • Automated ID tagging in the links
  • Works on JavaScript disabled browser
  • Display links inside your posts for maximum traction
  • Ads with widget, shortcode, or PHP code
  • Smooth migration from Amazon Associate Link Builder plugin
  • Enable and disable product links
  • Links to your posts and comments will be transformed into Associate links
  • Black and white lists for unwanted and preferred products
  • Custom buttons to get more CTRs

Amazon Product in a Post

This is also a free WordPress plugin for managing Amazon affiliates with more benefits. It will help you to quickly add Amazon products in a preformatted style to your blog posts. With this plugin, you can add any item from the Amazon store to your website smartly.

You can add the products in several places – on the top and bottom of the post, for example. There’s no limit for quickly adding products using the shortcodes. Furthermore, this plugin offers a Gutenberg block to incorporate your favorite content type.

Another amazing feature of this Amazon affiliate plugin is you can add different type of product presentation. For instance, you can add a single product page or add to cart URL page. The latter will ensure you get the famous 90-day cookie. 

Highlighted features

  • Preformatted Gutenberg blocks for easy insertion of Amazon products, grid layouts, and more
  • Custom CSS for styling with extended freedom
  • Lightbox image presentation for showing larger images in popups
  • Add products, grids, and elements with shortcodes
  • Create multiple posts from ASINs without adding separate products
  • Display products as a single page or add to cart URL
  • Open links in a new tab or window
  • Add products with your preferred settings to posts and pages
  • Easy integration of Amazon products with prepared display
  • Disable images from lightbox
  • Fewer API requests with caching product information
  • Comfortable troubleshooting with debugging data
  • Check whether Amazon settings are properly working

Which Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin should you choose?

It’s time to make a decision, right? I believe you already know which plugin offers what and whether they’re right for you or not. As there are different choices available, you might get baffled a bit. Let’s hear what I think.

If you’re looking for something free, then go for EasyAzon or Amazon Link. Both plugins are great for gaining some benefits without spending money. Well, in the beginning, it becomes hard for many to buy premium tools. That’s why I appreciate starting without giving an excuse!

My second thought is that you’re going to earn money, which is why you’re here with Amazon affiliate marketing. So, why not spend some? Why not making a base fund, be it a little amount?

I’m asking this because if you get access to a premium tool, both your productivity and conversion will reach a new height. Which Amazon WordPress plugin is the right to spend some money for?

AAWP is the best with no doubt. Whatever the tool costs, it’s totally worth it. They offer all the top-notch features and functionality to turn your simple affiliate into a profitable and efficient one.

My second and final recommendation is AzonPress, which is pretty similar and a formidable contender for AAWP. AzonPress also has all the essential features from link localization to product showcases. I recommend AzonPress mostly because of its pricing module – it’s sweet and affordable!

Drop us a line

Do you find this article helpful? Please let me know if you know any other plugin that serves similar facilities. Amazon affiliate marketers need any of these tools to reveal more success and to save more time. No matter which tool you’re going to choose, but you must get one. The competition is getting harder every day, and all are looking for the shortest way to reach the apex.

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