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Mailchimp Alternatives

Everyone in the digital marketing world knows about “Mailchimp.” It’s a marketing automation platform and a quality email marketing service. It’s an all-rounder in the sense that it can manage customers, clients, and campaigns effortlessly! However, if you’re looking for some of the best Mailchimp alternatives, Mailchimp might not be satisfactory for you.

So, that brings us here with a shortlist of replacements for Mailchimp. Buckle up and note what we have illustrated. To make things easier, you can choose newsletter plugins to smoothen the email marketing process.

List of the best Mailchimp alternatives

Email marketing services are still the top priority for businesses worldwide. Your success depends on the software you choose for email campaigns, no matter how good you are at other marketing stuff.

Since you’re here, let’s take you straight to the list of the top 9 best Mailchimp alternatives.

  • GetResponse
  • Gist
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • MailerLite
  • Constant Contact
  • Sendinblue
  • Moosend


First on the list is an all-rounder with various unmissable features and high functionality. This email marketing tool can be used for all businesses because of its good value-for-money.

Since GetResponse is easy to use, it simplifies the marketing process for everyone and, at the same time, comes packed with useful features! In short, you’re looking at something you can’t do without after a first-hand experience.

Key features

  • Landing page creator
  • Webinar editor
  • Multimedia center for stock photos and QR code generation
  • Content creation, sales boost, and traffic increase
  • Automate essential tasks and initiate effective marketing campaigns
  • Advanced analytics to measure conversion, personalize, ROI, and leads
  • Customizable templates
  • Visitor tracking, product recommendation, abandoned-cart emails, upsells, etc

Capture more leads and segment after list building for precise targeting with this tool. It also integrates with Facebook, PayPal, WooCommerce, etc., and of course, WordPress.


Consider this one a help desk for all types of business! It can help with managing customer queries and streamline communication. Gist’s primary focus is to turn visitors into leads, engage the audience, and provide assistance.

Your entire team will join together in bringing in the leads and boosting communication with customers.

Key features

  • Email marketing, social media, and chatting, all in one place
  • Perfect chatbot, live chat, and instant answer
  • Collaborate on conversation
  • Capture and target lead
  • Fully automated marketing
  • Sales meeting schedule
  • Targeted emails

For example, the third-party integrations- WooCommerce, Zoom, Google Calendar, Facebook, and Twitter, and the mobile application lets the users reach customers everywhere.


This one is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform with roots in email marketing. No matter how complex the email sequence is or how many parameters you set, ActiveCampaign has got your back!

Email sequence automation and higher CX are two of many reasons why it surpasses Mailchimp.

Key features

  • Target prospects to grow the audience
  • Personalized emails for more engagement
  • Full automation in marketing and sales
  • Email segmentation and tailored assistance
  • Conversion increase
  • Manage and measure campaigns
  • Answer, recommendation, sales offers, and feedback

Some more features include drag and drop email design, live chat, one-on-one training, and social and third-party integrations.


For audience and list building, ConvertKit comes in handy. This tool changes the game for bloggers by using the email list as a revenue magnet.

It’s a resourceful and highly targeted marketing platform for emails. As a result, the user enjoys an automated workflow with proper widgets and support.

Key features

  • Easy automation with drag&drop
  • Contact segmentation
  • Sign up form and landing page to grow the audience
  • Understanding subscribers
  • Email design and editing
  • Better targets

With list management flexibility and targeted campaigns, ConvertKit stands close to Mailchimp.


If you want a classic tool for email marketing, AWeber is a solid option! It’s a surefire way for marketers to grow the business and connect with the audience. The tool’s mission is to do 90% of the work for you.

Among many innovative features, auto-fetching articles to create a newsletter and necessary automation tools seem more useful.

Key features

  • AI email template designer
  • Attractive landing pages
  • Drag & drop without any coding
  • Readymade template library for quick use and pre-built analytics
  • Full automation of newsletters
  • Email deliverability assurance
  • Personalized email communication

Users can manage subscribers, segment and target, engage, and also integrate with other systems.


One of the best and doesn’t bargain with flexibility even though it’s beginner-friendly. The easy functionalities are not at all old-school. On the contrary, these features are modern and work perfectly as email marketing solutions.

Users can personalize, manage, optimize, and automate their marketing tricks with MailerLite.

Key features

  • Exciting email campaigns with drag&drop editor, newsletter templates, and custom HTML
  • Website builder, landing pages, and forms grow the audience
  • Automated email, tags, segmentation, and promotions
  • A/B split test and RSS campaigns
  • Track and monitor campaign results
  • Multilingual

If you have a tight budget and still want feature-packed software for marketing, this one is a must-have!

Constant Contact

For over twenty years, Constant Contact has been ruling the email marketing streets. It’s the best platform for small businesses and non-profit companies. Users can create newsletters with the drag&drop editor and, at the same time, benefit from other essential functionalities.

Mailchimp and ConstantContact are similar regarding personalization, bounce management, integrations, and landing page editor.

Key features

  • Campaign engagement and demography for segmentation
  • Visual composer
  • Contact management
  • Marketing for eCommerce
  • Surveys, polls, donation page, and signup form
  • Basic automation
  • A/B testing

Users can stay connected to their customers with this tool because it also offers unmatched live support!


Fly your business with an innovative yet traditional platform like this one. SendInBlue is an outstanding performer and encompasses most of the marketing aspects for the user. You don’t need to sweat about automation, campaigns, SMS, ads, or anything.

Grow. Sell. Engage- that’s the motto of this tool, and it is indeed a jack of all trades (also a master!).

Key features

  • Email, SMS, and chat communication
  • Stronger CRM, automation, and segmentation by personalizing
  • High conversion with ads, landing page, signup form, and retargeting
  • Open-rate and CTR, email heat map, A/B testing, etc
  • Instant statistics
  • Wide range of integration

The free version or the paid version is more or less the same. But the free plan limits emails. Ensure email deliverability and enjoy advanced automation with this tool.


Finally, the last one is up. Even though it’s the last on our list, it still gives Mailchimp a run for the money! This is an all-in-one platform, and it’s free forever. The free plan does limit to only 1000 subscribers, but users can send unlimited quality emails.

A visual-focused workflow editor, personalization, and automation are some of the most significant facilities.

Key features

  • Drag & drop editor
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics
  • Segmentation and user tracking
  • Signup form, list segmentation, and full automation

Start a free trial of Moosend and check it out yourself.

Final notes

So far, I’ve discussed some of the best Mailchimp alternatives out there. It’s pretty obvious that this platform is not the lone ranger anymore. All the nine email marketing tools from our curation are perfect for your business needs.

You can try one from this shortlist for email marketing automation, high conversion and leads, reach and engage customers, build a good rapport, and finally, grow in every sector!

Let us know how it goes. We’re all ears.

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